Special: Spring Football Showdown event!

Created: Wed, 10 Apr 2024 11:03:00 GMT

Managers, the Spring season is upon us and now it’s the perfect time for your clubs to blossom their way to the top!

Are you ready for a new vibrant challenge with exclusive rewards?

Gear up your squad and demonstrate your strategic finesse in the new thrilling event!

Starting today you can join us in the Spring Football Showdown 2024!

Play in the Spring Football Showdown 2024, win as many 1on1 matches as possible, and aim for the most valuable rewards!

How it works:

Your club will be assigned to one out of 5 random groups automatically, of course only once you join the party! After that, you will have 15 free matches per day and club (or more for STARS and coupons).

Playing matches, winning, and scoring goals will count towards your club ranking and your group ranking. Check out our forum HERE for more info about the new formula for the group ranking calculation.

At the end of the competition, if your group wins the Spring Showdown, you will be rewarded with a unique trophy and GU STARS.

Note: If you have 3 clubs via the Top Manager feature then you can win all prizes 3 times (one from each club).

Spring 2024 Collect Challenge

At the same time, while the Showdown competition is running, you can collect coins for the Collect challenge!

Collect coins by playing matches, winning, or performing various other actions in the game. You can then exchange the collected coins for various rewards in three ways and in the end for the main reward. (Coins are required for all rewards).

NEW Special cards: The Ultimate Talent Cards!

The NEW Ultimate Talent cards allow you to redeem the Ultimate Talent player who will visibly strengthen your squad! All his skills are unlocked at the limit of 120 and the skills are already trained between 105-115 (random values)

How it works:

Check out the Special Cards article HERE for more details about the new Ultimate Talent card.

We hope you will enjoy the new event and the new special cards!

Your goalunited team

goalunited legends seperator

The game

goalunited LEGENDS is the soccer manager simulator. It’s leagues ahead of other online soccer manager games, thanks to its unique gaming depth providing lasting fun for players.

  • Achieve your dream, become the most important person in your own soccer club and dominate the league.
  • Step into your combined role as manager and coach, and become a powerful club boss.
  • You’ll only be able to reach the top of the league by being a crafty tactician both on and off the pitch.

Smart match calculation meets huge gaming depth

An extensive and complex match calculation system lies at the heart of goalunited LEGENDS, providing absolute realism and the right amount of competition between Premier League fans. This multifaceted game allows you to step into the role of a manager and lead your club to fortune:

From developing your stadium into a major arena, through to gaining sponsors and new staff members, all the responsibility lies in your hands. You will train the top goal-scorers and record-breaking players of the future – that’s because young talent is also hugely important. It also saves money, but sometimes it may be a good idea to check the real-time transfer market. This is the only way you’ll be able to quickly find a substitute for a key player injured in training. In order to help the player to a speedy recovery, you will also naturally have to hire a first-class doctor. As manager and coach, all of this lies in your hands.

Perhaps your goal-scoring chances may be even higher after purchasing a new player for your squad? Always bear in mind that the other coaches in the community never tire and likewise take advantage of the transfer market: goalunited LEGENDS is more than just soccer.

 The future at a glance

The expectations of your loyal fans rise with your successes. You’ll then only be able to satisfy them with a larger fan shop, or perhaps a modern fast food restaurant instead? How about a parking garage or a train station near the stadium? What about the sponsors and their needs? It takes a keen eye for all these details, the best tips and tricks in soccer and clever tactics to have a chance in the tough competition among the global community – a real thrill for any gamer!

You step into the combined role of soccer manager and coach

Become a legend of soccer history by coordinating your players’ training program to your season objectives. As the saying goes, the next opponent is always the hardest; you’ll need to maintain a constant overview of your competition and adjust your squad accordingly. Analyze your last match report and consider your players’ form on the day so you can devise the right strategy for the next match.

Are you ready to become a legend in goalunited LEGENDS?

The developers at northworks Software GmbH from Hamburg have been working passionately on the title ever since the beginning of the goalunited series in 2006. Their goal is to provide all soccer fans a realistic challenge with immersive depth. In addition to other accolades, goalunited was awarded the German Developer’s Prize in 2009 as well as the German Computer Games Prize in 2011.