Game Rules

Game Rules

The Game Rules listed below represent an addition to the general terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions, in particular section 6, should be consulted in the event of a ban, or simply to check what is allowed and what is not.

All game rules apply to active players, players who intend to delete their account, and those who have already activated the deletion phase for their account.

1. Account and clubs

1.1. Each goalunited manager is allowed to only possess one account (up to 3 clubs on the same account are possible through the Top Manager feature). Reported or detected multi-accounts will be closed, the owner will be notified, and the main account will get penalized.

1.2. The account holder is the person whose email address is registered to the account. Support has the right to request the email address for the purposes of ownership verification.

1.3. Sharing accounts’ passwords is not permitted. In case of complaints received by Support in this regard, the account in question will be penalized/closed depending on the investigation outcome. Our supporters or team members will never ask you for your password, if such situation may happen to you, report this right away to

1.4. Inactive accounts/clubs can potentially be deleted over time for one or another reason of technical nature. Accounts that have a premium account active are protected, however, the club(s) still can be reset to the beginning (Starting fresh) in case that (due to the neglect) a club becomes bankrupt. It is impossible to restore already deleted or bankrupt accounts/clubs.

1.5 Accounts sale is forbidden. Any such attempt may lead to permanent deletion of the account.

2. In-Game communication and use/upload of content

2.1 Players must always communicate politely via in-game messages, guest book, press releases and all other available platforms of communication provided by goalunited. Any form of insults, abusive language, or profanity directed at a manager, group of managers, or Staff members, through any of the in-game communications channels, will be punished with an action on the game account.

2.2 Uploading and displaying materials not suitable for minors is strictly forbidden.

2.3 Advertisements of any kind are not permitted. Travian Games GmbH and/or affiliated companies or trusted pages (YouTube, Wikipedia etc.) are allowed.

2.4 Messages and conversations between two parties within the game may only be published if all involved parties gave consent. Publishing messages or emails to or from goalunited staff is forbidden unless given explicit consent.

2.5 Content that is an exact match for the original/copyrighted one will be removed (such as an official club name or official logo); please report any content using the report button in game if you notice content that contains copyrighted material/ trademark or anything that violates the present rules.

2.6 Any reported or detected content that represents discrimination based on gender, age, race, sexual orientation, disability, political beliefs, or religion will be removed and penalized accordingly.

2.7 Any other inappropriate content, which is considered by Customer Service or Staff as disruptive to the gaming experience of others, can be sanctioned.

2.8. It is forbidden to force a player to delete, hand over or share their account, or demand that they share their password, or violate a rule.

2.9. Impersonating a Staff member in the scope of spreading false information about the game or forcing/ persuading players to perform actions without their will, is forbidden.

3. Administration/Moderation

3.1. The support team and administrators are empowered to decide the penalties for in-game rule violations.

3.2. In the event of rule violations, your only contact should be the support team. All players can send their appeal, explaining their circumstances, using the contact form provided. Should the player have good reason to question the decision of support agent, please ask the ticket to be escalated to a higher level. The case will then be additionally reviewed.

3.3. The goalunited team reserves the right to change the game rules at any time to ensure that the game remains a fun, fair, and respectful place.

3.4. The goalunited team reserves the right to always protect the healthy and fair state of gameplay for its players, especially in situations where the evaluation and investigation of the potentially harmful situation or action strongly indicate that harm is being incurred against gameplay and/or one or more players in the game. In such situations, the goalunited team has the full right to take necessary actions even if the specific situation as such is not covered in the current game rules.

3.5 Constructive and polite criticism and feedback regarding the game and its staff members is welcomed, however, bear in mind that attempts to diminish the value and image of the game or one or more individuals from our team will be appropriately acted upon.

3.6. The goalunited team will not reveal or make public the measures that have been taken for rules violation in goalunited

4. Fair play

4.1 Use of game bugs or features exploitation in the scope of taking advantage to the detriment of other managers or the detriment of the game is forbidden. Any exploit found should be immediately reported to the support team.

4.2 Treating all your in-game opponents as equally as possible is highly encouraged. This is one of the main rules of the fair-play.

4.3 Intentionally setting up a weaker best 11 line up multiple times in official or unofficial competitions (friendly/training matches excluded) to “gift” a win to the opponent, can lead to an action by the support team.

4.4 Any other non-fair-play and unsportsmanlike conduct will be considered as a violation and may lead to permanent loss of club/account.